Lyrics: Beyond the thoughts

Mai sahaan bina saar hain sakdi

(I can do without breaths)

Tere bina pal vi naa sare

(But cannot do without you even for a moment)

Ve mai tenu kina chauhni aa

(How much I love you)

Eh gal teri soch toh pare

(Is beyond your thoughts)

In November 2013, when this song “Soch” was released, my life was changed forever. For a hopeless romantic like me, the video, the lyrics and the voice became a pilgrimage. The song is such a beautiful piece of art that can make you feel like you are in love even when you are not. In the fast food era of love and relationships, this song offered the flavour of 4-course fine dine meal.

For all these years, I have been a die-hard fan of the song and the man himself, Mr. Hardy Sandhu. Yesterday, I got the chance to attend his live concert at my college festival. My boring monotonous life gained a kind of charm after attending this event.

I don’t know if it was the music or the ambiance or the weather, but seeing the man performing my favorite song live in front of my eyes somewhere reinstated my faith in depth of love and dedication.

They say when you suffer through post-concert depression(PCD), don’t let the music go off. But I decided to find a remedy of my own. While I was alternating between the videos that I took yesterday and listening to the original songs, I realized that I had the urge to write this blog about the songs and videos that had an impact on my life.

Thanks for being the loving husband of Na ji Na and telling me that betrayal is never an option in love.

Kithe jawange daga karke

(Where will I go after betrayal)

Ki Ki dewange jawab rabb nu

(what will I answer to God)

Thanks for being the autism wife in Soch and making me believe that true love is not about good face and perfect health, but it is about the one who comes and stays despite the imperfections. It is about the one who promise to be there and mean it.

Tere kolo peer teri khoni mai

(I want to take away all your pains)

Aukhe wele naal tere honi mai

(I will be yours even in your difficult times)

Tere muhre mitti aakhan

(Everything except you is dirt,)

Duniya di har chij sohni mai

(Even the most beautiful thing in the world)

Thanks for being the die-hard lover of Yarr ni Mileya and making me learn what to expect out of a relationship.

Koi te labho aisa,

(Someone, please find her)

Heer te Laila jaisa,

(Someone like Heer or Laila)

Rooh di gall kare haan,

(Who just talks about soul)

Door hi rakhe paisa

(And not about the money)

Lastly, thanks for being the Joker and teaching me the ultimate lesson that is to live with a smile while accepting the harsh truths of life.

Kya khoob sikhaya, wah! menu tu jeena

(How well you taught me to live is amazing)

Zinda vi rehna te zeher vi peena

(To breathe while I drink poison)

There are a few days in our lives when we feel free and unafraid to dance like no one is watching. The days when we are able to put down our phones and just live in the moment. The days when we are able to let go of all the crap going in our mind and let the music wash over them. It was one of those days and I am glad I was able to cherish it.






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