Happily-Ever-After is so Once-Upon-A-Time!

Karwa Chauth is a one-day festival observed by married couples in North India where wives fast for the entire day from morning to evening for the safety and longevity of their husbands. These women spend the day without food and water for the man they took Saat Pheras with, the man they love.

As I write this, millions of women are getting ready for their Sargi ritual all across the country. It is a pre-dawn meal that mother-in-laws send to their daughter-in-laws.

Being a girl who was born in the DDLJ era, the concept of fasting for husband was totally consolidated for me by glorifying it in all the romantic as well as traditional sense. Me, as a little girl was an all-time believer of the “True-Forever-Kind” Love.

As this girl transformed into a lady, life happened with the complete set of experiences and I could not help but think If the “True-Forever-Kind” Love still holds any true for us or is it already an old school concept that belonged to the generation of our parents?

If we, the “Not-That-Into-You” generation does ever really love someone so deeply that we are willing to make this small compromise for a day, let alone the entire life? – No! Nope! Not a chance!

Our generation is a whole bunch of people who have “This-Thing” with someone but we don’t dare to call it what it is. Love is our natural tendency but we are so scared that we tend to pacify ourselves by telling that we are saving us the pain of getting hurt /or may be hurting someone else.

The independent self-sufficient generation of ours makes excuses all the time to avoid giving themselves to someone as this brings about a sign of weakness.

We are the generation who is habitual of “getting-it-done-the-easier-way”. We don’t need to read a book to find answers, we have Google; We don’t need to go out and shop, we have delivery; We don’t need to dial numbers on a dialer, we have touchscreens; We don’t need to travel for hours to see someone, we have Skype. We are the millennial whose attachments and relationships are as short-lived and erasable as our Snapchat stories.

On hearing the word “Break”, Summer Break isn’t really the first word that comes to our mind. It is the “Heart-Break” or “Break-up” that are the norms of modern-day dating.

We are the focused people who work day in and day out to carve out a perfect career in order to make a perfect life. Ironically, working towards making a perfect relationship seems to be too much an effort for our generation. Sharing our life with someone special has become more of burden than a blessing.

On this day, when all these beautiful women perform the ultimate selfless, romantic gesture of fasting for the love of their lives, the little girl inside me wants to hope again.

May be one day, our generation would realise that anything that comes easy isn’t love and that “Happily-Ever-After” is not really “Perfectly-Ever-After”.

May be then the lost “True-Forever-Kind” love would find its way back home.

8 thoughts on “Happily-Ever-After is so Once-Upon-A-Time!

  1. Nicely written.. easy read and maybe true for your generation..kinds true for mine as well.. it may be worthwhile to think about the actual emotions behind this fast.. is it tradition? Social norm? Or plain and simple guilt giving technique..

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