Thoughts Become Things

Once upon a time, on a boring Sunday afternoon, an email popped up on my phone that offered an opportunity to do a Live Project with Reliance Jio Infocom Limited. This took me down the memory lane and reminded me of September 5th, 2016. This is the day when Jio was launched to disrupt the entire Telecom Industry and set a new benchmark for all the competitors.

For me, this day meant much more. It was a special day. The day when my theory of ‘Thoughts become Things’ proved itself once again.

The theory of ‘Thoughts become Things’ is related to the pseudo-scientific concept of “Law of Attraction” of Universe which says that your life right now is a reflection of your past thoughts. Each thought sends out a signal which in turn gathers similar frequencies before returning back to you. This means that you can very much have everything you wish for.

My story started with a Bus journey when I was travelling from Jaipur to Delhi for one of my B-School interviews on a Mid-February night of 2016. I had to urgently upload a document while I was on the way to complete the interview process formality and as usual there wasn’t any network on the highway. My panic mode started as deadline was approaching and I was not able to access the internet nor was I able to connect with anyone through call.

There was a gentleman sitting beside me. There was something very special about him that I noticed from the beginning. The intellect on his face when he was reading  Business Outlook on his phone grabbed my attention. In no time, he played live Aarti on a devotional channel on his phone and an unknown glow surrounded him. When he saw me panicking, he offered to help me by giving a hotspot connection. Since everyone in the bus was facing the issue of poor network, I was skeptical if I should accept his help. But I thought of giving it a try. As soon as I joined the hotspot, my process took just a few seconds to complete. I was spell bound. To add to the amazement, I checked the speed and it was 30MBPS. I couldn’t be more surprised. He was a senior member of Reliance family. He kept on talking about the brilliance that Reliance is planning to come up with. He explained me about almost everything from Lyf Phones to Jio Apps to Incredible internet speed to unbelievable data plans. One thing led to another and I fell in love.

From that day onwards, I couldn’t stop but collect all my positive thoughts and send signals to universe to make it a part of my life. I wanted it fulfill my destiny and witness  the unexplored horizons of life.

Finally one day The Universe reflected my thoughts.

Jio was launched.

It is the inseparable part of my life now. #JioMeriJaan


Img. Coutesy : Google

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