Imperfections of Perfect Love!

She wanted Perfect love,

He was looking for Perfect Lover;

Love lost its meaning to

Perspective of Perfection!

Beautiful lines i penned down to explain the imperfections of the most perfect thing called ‘Love’.

Perfect love is known to be patient and kind. The one that is never jealous, never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish.

But who are we kidding with these so-called characteristics of perfect love? Perfect Love is a hypothetical concept that is meant to exist only in novels and movies. It is not a miracle that will come like a guiding light and lead you to a heavenly path. It is the small imperfections of daily life that make two ‘imperfect people’ perfect for each other.

The love where you accept every part, even the flaws and insecurities and decide to live happily with it. When you want to kiss all the worries and pains away, when you hold hands during the worst nightmare and best achievement; you are in love. When you are willing to make soup during his illness, when you are willing to sing a lullaby until he falls asleep; you are in love. When he plays the role of your best friend, listening to all the rants, worries and wonderful stories; you are in love. The way you admire his strength and beauty of his heart, the way you become a better person with his presence, the way you are cheerful with him even when you are tired, the way you open up to him; you are in love.

Love is an affair that is meant for two people who have the readiness to put in lot of effort to make it work. There is nothing called right love at the wrong time. Time is just a number and circumstances are just a dialogue if both of you are willing to put in your heart and soul to overcome the imperfections of perfect love. You tend to work as a team. Problems always come up, difference of opinions does creep in, fights do happen but mutual respect and understanding for each other’s feelings and aspirations makes you fall in love with them over and over again. Forgiveness and acceptance makes you stay in that love.

But as they, there are many shades to love. May be you have found your perfect shade but you are not quite the shade that suits him yet. Love is not always meant to be reciprocated. When you want to wake up next to him every morning for rest your life, it becomes nearly impossible to accept that they are not into you. When you are so much in love that you are okay with the possibility of being hurt, coming to terms with the fact that no one is obliged to love you back the way you want them to can be a draining process. One – sided love doesn’t have a conclusion. It can be ‘sweet and short-lived’ but it can never be a ‘happily ever after’.

When you feel like losing yourself with the love due to perspective of perfection, always remember that sometimes the only purpose of a person in your life is to make you a better person for another person. Remember the wonderful memories with them that gave you a reason to smile, accept the situation and move on.

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