Hero of MY Story

“There is a woman at the beginning of all the great things” – Alphonse de Lamartine.

Talking of Women’s Day, we usually talk about all the great women with all-time famous names, their stories and how they set an example for all the women right there in the world. As I write this, you would have already got few names on your mind, for example, Kalpana Chawla, Mother Teresa, Priyanka Chopra, Arundhati Bhattacharya, Neerja Bhanot etc. These women are indeed a great source of inspiration for all of us.

I am going to do the same – Talk about the Superwomen. The only difference is that these are MY superwomen, they are not famous, nobody knows their stories or talk about them but they play the main role in my story. I want to share few of those lessons and incidents where these ladies changed the course of my life and gave it an altogether different direction.

My first teacher and the best one. She taught me basics of kindergarten classes so nicely that I was declared over qualified and promoted to the next class on the second day itself after joining school. From pampering me with lot of shopping to asking me about my crushes, she has done it all. She is the coolest grandmother one can ever ask for.

My wonder woman. This woman taught me the meaning of Love. The selfless love which never expects anything in return. She is my hairstylist, my dress designer, my beautician, my doctor, my favorite chef, my stress buster, my emotional counselor, my relationship adviser. She is the complete package. She is my MOM. She is the one who holds the most special place in my heart. I realized her importance even more when I moved out to another city for my first job. She cried her heart out when i left but she was the one who made me stronger and independent by helping me manage things. Be it teaching meditation through phone calls to handle stress or giving cookery lessons through WhatsApp chats, she is always set for anything and everything that I need.

It is often quoted that “Children get 90% of their awesomeness from their aunt”. I am fortunate to get double of it. My mom’s sister is my paternal aunt. She is the perfect combination of strength and courage. She is an autism mom and no one in this world can do this better than her. She is an expert when it comes to my brother (her child). She is his advocate, his voice and his mind. I love to see that feeling on her face when he eats anything new or finishes his meal nicely. She is a real fighter who never gives up and I am really proud of her.

I have a best friend who is the live example of most cliched friendship statement ” A friend in need is a friend indeed ” . Yeah, she is that kind of friend who will stay up whole night listening to your useless cribbing about something that won’t even matter after a day or two. She will listen, understand and explain but never judge. I can share my darkest fears or deepest secrets or craziest dreams with her with the assurance that they will be acknowledged and understood. Her positivity brings sunshine to my life. She has bucked me up innumerable times when I had almost given up to situations of life . Thanks for being there, always.

“Girls envy each other, Women empower each other ” this statement did not make much sense to me before i met these magical girls who transformed me into a better person. I am talking about my roommates. They have helped me become more mature, more strong, more decisive and independent. I learnt the much needed art of saying ‘No’ when it was required and i certainly lacked that skill. They taught me how to be on my own. I developed the soul cleansing habit of spending some time with myself. They are a blessing to my life. A treasure that I will cherish forever. Thank you roomies !

This incident is about the lady who changed the course of my career. Had it not been about her, i would have been at some other place only. When i completed my training with Infosys in Mysore, i was allocated Mangalore as my joining location. It was a place that i never knew even existed on Indian map. I was crying my eyes out when she
overheard me on the phone call while my friend was talking to her. She is my friend’s mom. I had almost made up my mind to quit and go back to my place in Delhi. Then she shared the experience of her first job and how it was worth to go for it. That was the first positive thing that i got to hear after the announcement of my allocation and i somehow changed my mind right at that moment. The rest is history. I cherish each and every moment of my career till date. I never really expressed this but i owe a lot to that particular moment. Thank you so much for your positivity, Aunty.

These are the ladies who made a difference to my life in their unique ways. This list cannot include everyone of course but I am totally made up of things that i have learnt from them. I would love to hear about the ladies who touched the core of your life in one or the other way. Do share it through comments.

Women's day

10 thoughts on “Hero of MY Story

  1. Well done gal
    Really soo proud of u
    Very well written
    U actually expresses ur heart out soo beautifully😍
    Lovee u gal 😘
    Grt going


  2. Awesome Aanchal. We all respect and love our Mom, Grandmother, Aunts and friends but you’ve expressed the feeling in an amazing way.
    Very well done and Good Luck sweetie!!!


    1. Thanks a lot Mam. This is the least i could do for the amount of love they shower on us. Thank you so much for acknowledging my expression and being so motivating.


  3. Thank you anchal.I am happy I could help you though unknowingly. I don’t know whether I am worthy of this credit. God bless you. May you achieve all your goals in your life

    Liked by 1 person

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